Global Cardio Diabetes Conclave

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28th, 29th & 30th Sept 2018

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At the outset we appreciate you for the successful event,We are glad to have a highly engaging session at the GCDC conclave Thanks for creating such an excellent interactive platform between Insurer's & Dr's
Look forward to an enduring relationship
With Profound Regards
Dr S Prakash MS FRCS(Glasgow) FAIS

I would like to congratulate you for organising this mega event GCDC. The choice of speakers and the topics covered were exemplary. The hospitality was also excellent. Due to the holiday season, the attendance was poor but that does not detract from a very good meeting.
With regards & best wishes

GCDC 2017 was a great scientific feast. The amount of effort to create and deliver such an amazing array of topics from the doings in the field is astounding.
I sincerely thank you sir for giving me an opportunity to participate in the GCDC 2017 edition.
Thanks & Regards,
Dr. A. Sethuramashankaran,
Consultant Diabetologist & General Physician

Thank you. It was a wonderful conference. Everything was perfect. The scientific content was excellent. The hospitality was fantastic. The best I have had in India and perhaps anywhere for that matter. I have been to hundreds of conferences in all continents, I have never had a foot message in the speaker's lounge!
Hope to see you next week in Colombo.
Kind regards

Well organized Conference. An Academic feast on Cardio Diabetology. Hats off to Prof. Arulraj, Dr.Selvaraj, Prof.Prabu & all in the organizing team of GCDC-2017.
With Profound Regards
Dr.S.Vadivelmurugan, Madurai.

GCDC now has come to reality. My heart felt appreciation to Dr.Arulraj, Dr. Selvaraj & team.........
With Profound Regards
Dr. K. Shanmugam, Chennai

Great conference regarding Cardiac & Diabetes are concerned. The book is compelled very nicely. So many eminent authors.
Would like thanks Prof Arhulrhaj Sir & Team for this conclave...
Glad to be part of this conference. Congratulations
Best Wishes… Thanks & Best Regards
Dr. Narendra Nath Jena

Dear Dr Arulrhaj, Dr Prabhu, Dr Selvaraj, and the GCDC team, congratulations and compliments for the nice program held, enriching with so much info and knowledge. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to be a small contributor and a large recipient.
With Profound Regards

Congratulations to Dr Arulrhaj sir and his team for the wonderful conference. Selection of topics, speakers and venue were excellent.
With Profound Regards
Dr. Rakesh Sahay

I am thankful to Dr Arulrhaj and his family for giving us this wonderful experience. May Almighty Bless him for a long, healthy and happy life
With Profound Regards
Dr. E Prabhu

Dr ArulRhaj sir, excellently organised conference, plenty of interesting academic topics, coupled with great hospitality and logistic arrangements...keep the torch glowing for many more years to come. Thanks for associating us with it.
With Profound Regards
Dr Prayaag, Bangalore

My congratulations to Prof Arulrhaj and his colleagues for organising this innovative and successful event to mark the launch of a very munched needed global medical focus on Cardiodiabetes. I am happy to support the endeavour in the future. Well done. Prof Ram Dhillon
Congratulations to Prof Arulrhaj n his team for the superb conference. The book is compelled very nicely. Glad to be part of this conference.
Thanks & Best Regards
Dr. S.Senthilkumaran Erode

Congratulations to Prof Arulrhaj n his team for the superb conference. The topics selected were of highest calibre relevant in present day clinical practice & incited great interest in delegates.
On top of it, warm hospitality added real colour to the event.
Personal thanks to Prof Arulrhaj.
With Profound Regards
Dr Sudhir Mehta Jaipur

Monumental Task Great Initiative Phenomenal Scientific Content Smooth Coordination Thanks to Dr Arulrhaj & Dr D Selvaraj
Dr S Chandrasekar

Thank you Dr Arulrhaj and team for an academic fiesta , it was a great learning experience and best wishes for translating the grand vision into tangible outcomes ...
With Profound Regards
Dr. Oommen John

Great conference sir superb scientific material hospitality and personalized care Congratulations Dr Arulrhaj sir and team GCDC2017
With Profound Regards
Dr. Akhilesh Verma

Superbly organised maiden GCDC 2017 edition conference here in Chennai by Dr Arulrhaj and his entire team and it was a very grand conference .We are always there with you to take to next level .All the best for your future endeavours
Please take some rest now Dr Arulrhaj
With Profound Regards
Dr Mahapatra Mumbai

Superb well Organised Conference! Congratulations for the Awe Scientific Feast, Dr.Arulraj Sir & Dr.Selvaraj & Dr.Prabhu & All team Members.
Thanks for the Invitation...
With Regards,

Thank you for a nice meeting, Prof Ahulraj and Aarathy. And great hospitality.
With Profound Regards
Dr. Anuj Virmani

Excellent Scientific feast. Well organised. Very useful & recent topics. All experts under one roof. Very difficult job. Congrats to the organising Team for their untiring efforts. Dream of Prof SGPM has come true.
With Profound Regards
Dr Bhavatharini Aruyerchelvan

Thanks, Dr Arulrhaj for taking so much care of us
With Profound Regards
Dr. G N Mahapatra

Dear Sir/madam, I wanted to thank you for your hospitality and to congratulate you on a great conclave. Is there any way of accessing any of the photos that were taken during the orations?
With best wishes
Dr Rodney De Palma

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